Why You Should Choose DSP Instead Of Google Ads

The demand side platform, abbreviated as DSP, can be defined as a technology that enables media buying and creating advertising campaigns for advertisers. In this respect, DSP resembles Google’s product AdWords, now known as Google Ads, can be used instead of Google Ads owing to its many different features.

Although DSP has a lot in common with Google Ads, it has important and advantageous features for advertisers. For this reason, there are many advertisers who use a DSP instead of Google Ads. So what are the most important features of DSP for advertisers that distinguishes it from Google Ads and makes it preferable?


Access to More Traffic Sources

Advertisers using Google Ads can only benefit from the Google Display Network (GDN) of Google. But DSPs can access different traffic sources besides GDN, such as ad exchange and SSPs. With regard to traffic sources, one of the points where DSP and Google Ads differ the most, DSP stands out as a more useful platform for advertisers who want to buy impressions from more sources.

An advertiser using DSP can choose a DSP with integration with the type of traffic source they prefer, thus have a larger traffic than what Google Ads offers.

Real Time Reporting Opportunity

Another significant difference between Google Ads and DSP is the amount of time needed to get reports on ad campaigns. Thanks to the real-time reporting feature of DSPs, advertisers can access the campaign data in real time with the ads and at a detailed level. However, it can take 2-3 hours for data to be reported in Google Ads. In fact, accessing data on different metrics can even last a day.

The time to access reports is an important issue for advertisers as it determines the freshness and transparency of the data. In this respect, it is clear that DSPs are a very advantageous option in terms of optimization and efficiency of campaigns.

Effective Targeting Options

Most of the targeting options included in Google Ads such as geographic targeting and frequency capping can also be used in DSPs. In addition, more advanced targeting options such as retargeting are also available to advertisers on both platforms. On the other hand, DSPs provide access to the real-time bidding (RTB) ecosystem, allowing them to target the target audience a lot more effectively than Google Ads.

DSPs can be used for target audience segmentation based on psychographic data such as age, gender, income level, marital status, interest areas and even behavioral data such as car brands and contracted bank names. If you also want to get quality traffic in over 200 countries and benefit from advanced advertising technologies, you can create your ReklamStore account right away.

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