Programmatic advertising, which automates media purchase processes for advertisers, appears as a marketing automation technology. Thanks to the programmatic advertising which enables targeting with regard to many variables including online users’ socioeconomic, demographic, and geographic features; promotional activities about products or services can reach users with highest interest possibilities.

Providing many advantages for advertisers enables programmatic advertising to be known as the future’s advertising technology. And this points out that programmatic advertising which has become popular in recent years will not fall off the radar of the digital advertising ecosystem for many years. Accordingly, it is beneficial to follow the trends of programmatic technology which will direct the near future.

Here are the programmatic technology trends that will shape the year 2019…



General Data Protection Regulation which is conducted by the European Commission and the Council of Europe was enforced on 25 May 2018. GDPR which needs to be followed especially by publishers and advertisers contains a series of regulations on ensuring the security of personal data.

GDPR and the security of personal data, being one of the most talked subjects of 2018, seem to keep its popularity in the following year in the programmatic universe. For this reason, it is beneficial to have detailed knowledge about the contents of the regulation and to review its effects on programmatic advertising works.

2) Video

Interest in video contents grows year by year. Especially, platforms such as YouTube and Facebook which contain user generated contents are effective for videos to become irreplaceable for digital marketing and advertising campaigns. Correspondingly, it is predicted that video advertisement investments will reach 13.5 billion dollars at the beginning of the year 2019.

As video advertisements have a high click-through rate, it will not be a surprise if their investments rates increase in 2019 and beyond. On the other hand, gradually increasing opportunities of programmatic video in the linear TV points out that programmatic video will be one of the favorite trends in the future.

3) Transparency

Just like in every field, along with the growth in the digital advertising industry, there are people who commit a fraud in the field and thus spread the concept of ad fraud. This causes for worrisome circumstances about the security and productivity of advertising campaigns to occur. Naturally, the concept of transparency gradually comes into prominence.

It seems that the blockchain technology which is seen as the most effective method against ad fraud will be one of the most deliberated technologies when it comes to programmatic advertising in 2019. In other respects, ads.txt which gained popularity as one of the newest solutions in 2018 is seen as an effective alternative for improving security in the programmatic technology.

4) Artificial Intelligence

Programmatic advertising method will be taken to the next level with advanced AI (Artifical Intelligence) and machine learning applications in 2019. It is predicted that the AI will increase the productivity, performance, and effective use of data in the programmatic advertising world just as it was stated in many events of the industry which took place in 2018. AI which enables personalized advertising to be improved drastically bears a significant developing potential by means of predictive analytics.

5) Self Serve Platforms

The number of platforms which provides digital advertising solutions increases each passing day. Accordingly, the number of advertisers who supports the idea of advertising campaigns being under their control is also significant. There are many advertisers who prefer to take special steps for their needs and manage their campaigns by themselves even when programmatic technology is present.

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