3 Reasons to Add Native Advertising to Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Native advertising has become one of the most popular types of advertisements as it is able to adapt to its medium. Native advertising appears as though it is a part of the content of an online website but is a paid promotion model and with it, advertisers can offer valuable content to the masses according to their expectations, similar to a content ad.

Naturally, users who see content that is satisfactory for their needs and expectations form a positive impression of the advertising brand. Despite this, there are many companies that do not include native ads in their marketing strategies, even today. However, it is important to know that native advertisements are of the quality that supports other marketing activities and their popularity never drops below a certain level.

Here are 3 reasons to include native advertisements in a digital marketing plan…


1) Most Effective Method Against Ad Blindness

Online users are being exposed to thousands of ads and other content during their web viewing experience. For this reason, they can develop a condition called “ad blindness” which allows them to ignore any kinds of ads whatever its content may be.

Native advertisement is one of the best and most effective methods for use against ad blindness. Since they are not directly presented as advertisements, they can reach the users and allow the brand to access its target audience.

2) High Click Through Rate

Native ads are constructed in a manner that meets the expectations of online users and this increases interactivity rates. Statistics also back this position up. According to this,

click and share rates of native advertisement contents that are within the interest area of visitors are 53 percent higher than other advertisement types.

The fact that native ads do not negatively affect the user experience plays a huge role in this matter. Since native ads are developed in a manner that is highly compatible with the content of the platform so that the web experience is not affected, it becomes possible to achieve high CTR.

3) Opportunity to Reach Wide Audiences

Native ads which are similar to content ads can be used in different channels and different formats. This makes it possible to attract online users who show different behavioral characteristics in mobile browsing and in desktop browsing. For example, it is possible to appeal to mobile users by designing native ads specifically for mobile platforms.

Similarly, it is possible to reach wide audiences by developing native video advertisements that are in harmony with the content of the platform the ad is placed on. Considering that video content has a specific effect on online users, it can be easily suggested that a video advertisement with a native content will have a high chance of succeeding.

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