Everything about digital advertising is based on advertisers’ capability of reaching their target audience with the help of publishers. Whereas this requires for the publishers to purchase the advertising spaces on websites. At this point, demand based solution partners such as ad networks, DSPs (Demand Side Platform) and ad exchange seek out for the proper audience that fits the advertiser’s target audience. As for displaying ads to these prospective customers, payment is being made to the publishers.

Surely, the amount of payment is not equal for all ad spaces. Therefore the publishers should make sure that they are selling their digital ad inventories at their real value. That’s where the SSPs, i.e, Supply Side Platforms, come on to scene. SSPs are responsible for managing and optimizing the publishers’ ad spaces on their behalf. That is to say, the SSPs actually provide the publishers full control over their inventories.

So, what are the features that the publishers must make sure being offered, before deciding on the best SSP for themselves?


Capability of Accessing Numerous Demand Sources

It is crucial that an SSP is integrated to as many DSPs, ad exchanges and advertising networks as possible. Because this way the publisher is able to offer the same ad space through more than a single channel, and naturally sell it for the highest price. On the other hand, the type of the demand partners that the SSPs are integrated with is also critical.

For instance, it would be possible to reach premium buyers through SSPs integrated with high-quality demand sources, who are ready to pay higher amounts for quality ad displays. In conclusion, publishers aim to sell all their advertising inventories for the best prices in the competitive environment. Thus, it is important to consider the types of demand sources that the SSPs are integrated with since they have to be serving the above mentioned purpose.

User Friendly Platform Interface

Publishers need an easy-to-manage user interface since the SSPs are integrated with a large number of demand sources. Also, the metrics the publishers are most interested in should be visible and easy to access on the panel.

Moreover, considering that the SSPs create analyses, statistics and make it possible to compare those; the importance of an interface enabling the publishers to display all the data in a practical way becomes expressly clear.

Opportunity for Setting a Price Floor

SSPs need to offer the publishers the opportunity to adjust the price floor in order to supply a steady flow of income. This way it might be possible for publishers to be flexible in their pricing strategies and sell all the inventories they possess. For instance, if a publisher wants to sell their current inventory to a certain advertiser for a high price, an SSP with features that enable this possibility would ease the process.

Technical Support

It can be argued that the programmatic advertising world witnessing a new development with each passing day is not as easily manageable as it seems to be. For this reason, it would be wise for publishers to ensure that they can receive technical support from their SSP providers at all times.

This technical support should involve topics such as programming, coding and creating ads. It would also be beneficial if the account managers -if there exist any- could provide advice on how to approach the market and the developments in the programmatic advertising world.

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