Banner ads come as an advertising method that the companies frequently call upon for enhancing their visibility in the digital world as well as for promoting their products/services. Nevertheless, the expected outcome sometimes might not be yielded from banner ads due to strategy mistakes. It would herein be of great use to list the reasons why the online users are not interested in banners and to make improvements accordingly.

All the companies undoubtedly aim for attaining their marketing goals by making use of successful online ads. It is, on the other hand, inevitable that the advertising activities, unfortunately, would face failure as long as the focus would not be set on expectations and needs of target audience. So what do the online users expect from banner advertisements, and what are the reasons for not clicking on banners?


Irrelevant Ad Content

It doesn’t make any sense to expect the ad will receive hits as long as the ad content does not match the audience for which it is displayed. A banner ad promoting men’s shaving lotion on a platform that consists mostly of female users can be given as an example for a case where the ad does not match with the target audience.

It must be made sure at this point that the user data is utilized in the most efficient manner. This is because reaching out to an audience that might be interested in the ad and increasing hit rates is only possible with accurate analyses of data.

Distracting Factors

Very first banner ads consisted of constructs that adversely affected web experience by suddenly appearing and thus distracting online users. This was a long time ago, but companies that prefer proceeding with that method is still commonly encountered. However, these banners that contain irritating and distracting elements not only affect users’ web experience but also result in users acquiring a negative impression of the company.

In order to prevent such situations, better options than the completely sales-focused “Buy now!” CTA’s should be realized. Including strong statements and quality graphics that would encourage users to click on the banner would be one of the smartest steps to take in this regard.

Incompatible Design with Mobile

Considering that the mobile usage is about to outrun the usage of desktop devices, it would be expressly visible why the banners which are not designed for mobile users do not receive hits. Banners that are not designed for mobile devices expand over the sides of the screens, so the users have to resize the display to view the ad content. In this case, users either call upon ad-blockers to completely ignore the ads or accidentally click on the ads.

Whereas banners with a mobile responsive design come to companies’ rescue. It is possible to increase hit rates through non-irritating and user-centered banners. If you also would like to construct successive banners, you can create your ReklamStore right away and take the first step in achieving your marketing goals.