Video contents that become increasingly popular thanks to video sharing networks have also become an efficient promotion tool for companies. Parallel to the increasing interest of online users to video contents, investments in video ads accordingly are in full throttle. Still, it wouldn’t be right to defend that all video ad campaigns prove sufficient for attaining the anticipated success.

The fact that advertising companies are sometimes not able to determine the correct strategy undoubtedly plays a major role in these cases of failure. Video ads intended to assist in boosting sales might fail to meet expectations sometimes with regard to their content, sometimes with regard to their method and at other times due to technical incompetence. That being said, what are the main points advertisers should pay attention to in order to achieve their sales objectives?


Target for the Audience with a Potential

Customers with a higher potential for realizing the conversion; i.e customers that have a high potential to exhibit purchasing behavior are the optimal audience for display of video ads. Therefore, focusing on characteristics of high-potential users such as age, marital status, income status, fields of interest and previous experience while targeting, would significantly improve the video ad’s likelihood of success.

Optimize the Length of the Video Ad

After focusing on potential customers, it is crucial to make sure that the video content is not overlong so that the customers would not be distracted. Though this duration varies from platform to platform, research reveals that distraction is experienced after the first 5 seconds of watching the video content.

Hence attention of individuals watching the video ad should be grabbed during these 5 seconds, and they should be encouraged to watch the remaining part of the content. An expectation and demand-wise relevant content study, based on the target audience’s demographic characteristics and fields of interest might be of use in this sense.

Decide on the Display Size According to the Platform

The fact that video ads to be displayed on social networks might have to be of varying sizes should not be overlooked. Therefore, specialization of the display size of video ads with respect to the choice of media would be the wisest step to take.

Likewise, it should be kept in mind that the size of video ads might differ in a critical extent for different channels such as desktop devices and mobile devices. Considering compatibility of devices in order for constructing video ads that do not interrupt online users’ web experience, that does not adversely affect brand awareness and that are relevant to sales objectives could make your job easier.

Test the Video Ad

It might not always be possible for a video ad campaign to exhibit a flawless performance when it is to be showcased for the first time. It might be proposed in this sense that having video ads that could boost sales is actually a matter of experience and repetition. On the other hand, trusting your instincts before showcasing your video ads and consequently testing your ad would substantially affect the ad’s success.

You then can make justifications on the ads as foreseen by data attained from test results, and push the button for the display of the ad. If you also would like to create successful video ads that would serve for your sales activities, create your ReklamStore account right away and start making use of state of the art digital ad technologies as soon as possible.