Marketing activities play a crucial role in the sustainability of a company. Marketing activities that also cover traditional and digital advertising activities help companies to reach their target audience, to earn the trust of these audiences and to enhance sales. Nevertheless, a considerable number of companies do not allocate sufficient budgets for digital advertising activities. And since this affects the efficiency of all marketing campaigns, most of the time the efforts do not result as anticipated.

At this point, companies’ examination of their general resources and decision on how much to allocate for digital advertising activities among marketing items becomes of importance. After preparation of an efficient budget plan in line with company’s needs, the only thing left to be realized would be determining marketing activities and taking action. Here are the steps companies should take in order for preparing a realistic, balanced and applicable digital advertising budget…


Analyze the Market

The marketing budget of a company is totally unique for itself. On the other hand, having a comprehensive knowledge of market equilibria, following market trends and analyzing rival companies will contribute to the planning of a healthy and efficient budget to a great extent. And preparation of budget planning in a healthy framework would undoubtedly lead to the formation of a sensible advertising budget.

Still, shaping the budget in line with the market would be to the company’s advantage since it would not be quite possible to determine the company’s future objectives independent of the course of the market. It will thus be possible to develop a general point of view with respect to the industry’s status and hence the digital advertising budget will match with company objectives.

Calculate the Revenue Rate

Digital advertising budget takes shape not only according to economic trends but also depending on the annual average revenue of the company. Whereas the annual average revenue increases in direct proportion to the company’s age. However, digital advertising budget tends to take a greater portion from the income during the first years of the company. It is possible to explain this phenomenon by more rapid finalization of digital advertising activities and by the company’s desire to build itself a place in the market.

On the other hand, before deciding the rate of digital advertising budget by taking the company’s annual revenue into consideration, resources that are of certainty should primarily be considered. By this means, budget deficits could be prevented and raise the digital advertising budget by considering additional resources could be discussed in the agenda.

Determine Your Marketing Budget

Determining the marketing budget is an important step, whereas deciding which items to be included in this budget and what share these items would get is even a more critical one. Because this decision plays a crucial role on the company’s success while affecting its future plans. Determining items to be included in the marketing budget according to returns on investment, in this sense, might facilitate your task.

It might then be possible to ensure continued success with allocating a greater share in a budget for profitable marketing activities. To summarize, consideration of digital marketing activities’ practicality and efficiency in achieving marketing targets would facilitate determination of their share in the budget. In light of all these information, it would be just to define the act of determining a marketing budget as an art of creating balance.

Whether a fixed budget should be determined or a budget prepared depending on the revenue share, for digital advertising it should always be kept in mind that research has to be conducted and data has to be accurately interpreted in either circumstance. If you also want to succeed in creating effective digital advertising activities, you can create your ReklamStore account right away and take the first step for standing out in competition.