Supply Side Platform, abbreviated as SSP, creates systems that help online publishers to make more practical and efficient use of ad placement on websites method. SSPs that make it easier for publishers to optimize their inventory and advertising fees pave the way for campaigns to be more successful according to important statistics, such as traffic and time spent on the media.

Supply Side Platforms that make processes automatic and effective for both advertisers and publishers are able to carry out this with their improvable features. So, which prominent features of SSPs provide important advantages for publishers?


Real-Time Bidding

Supply Side Platforms create technological layers that enable publishers and buyers to come together and buyers to participate in auctions for ad spaces. The technology that allows advertisers to participate in auctions at the same time for each ad impression is called real-time bidding.

Thanks to real-time bidding, publishers are able to sell their ad spaces to the highest bidder, which means that they are able to receive payments at higher rates than conventional methods.

Unlimited Traffic Demand

It is vital for an SSP to be integrated into as many DSPs, ad exchanges, and ad networks as possible. Thus, publishers using SSP have the chance to sell the same ad space on more than one channels, which means that they also have the chance to sell their ad spaces at the highest price.

With SSPs that have access to a large number of demand sources, publishers do not need to search for advertisers for ad impressions. Because SSPs enable the process to progress much faster by performing this operation on behalf of publishers. For example, it is possible to access multiple CPM networks through an SSP.


In the auction process, all pricing and bidding processes are transparent. This enables purchases to be consistent. Purchase processes which are automatized programmatically through an SSP draw attention with their considerable efficiency especially compared to conventional methods.

The processes to be carried out in order to take advantage of SSPs that make all processes easier for publishers and pave the way for inventories to be presented for sale on their real value are actually quite easy. Create your free publisher account for the traffic monetization platform ReklamStore SSP and start earning right away!