Demand-Side Platform (DSP) is a software that automates performing digital ad impressions on mobile web, desktop, and in-app. This software enables advertisers to purchase ad spaces on online platforms of publishers and to fill these ad spaces with ads of their own brands in display, video, native, pop, push kind of advertising formats.

Accordingly, publishers offer their ad spaces through ad exchanges with demand-side platforms integrated to advertisers and advertisers purchase ad spaces by deciding which one is the most appropriate for ad impressions. All these processes are carried out automatically and in real-time. So, for what are the reasons advertisers work with a demand-side platform?


To Carry Out the Processes Fast and Practically

Media purchases through demand-side platforms take place in milliseconds. Advertisers place a bid on auctions for ad spaces appropriate for their campaigns and the ad space is sold to the one who offers the highest bid. This process in which all this purchase is completed in milliseconds is called real-time bidding.

Since the demand-side platforms provide access to more than one ad exchange simultaneously, they allow advertisers to settle into the most suitable ad space for their campaigns. From this point of view, it can be seen clearly that all media purchases are carried out both quickly and efficiently.

To Reach the Correct Audience

Thanks to DSPs, performing high-level targeting becomes possible. This makes it possible to reach the correct audience. As a result, the targeted audience can be reached in the most effective way; thus, high ROI can be achieved.

On the other hand, DSPs benefit from the machine learning technology and strategical partnerships to help advertisers to avoid their haunted dreams, ad frauds. In this way, it can be possible to obtain fraud protected traffic instead of fraudulent ad impressions and ad click frauds.

To Analyze the Campaigns in Detail

In ad campaigns that are released by benefiting from a demand-side platform, it is quite easy to analyze the performance. Because campaign reports can be reached real-timely. Moreover, it is possible to perform instantaneous optimization, since all insights can be viewed in detail.

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