Programmatic advertising is defined as an advertising technology in which online user data is used and media purchase processes are automatically completed, focusing on the data. While predictions, face-to-face meetings, and possibilities come into question in the conventional purchase method, transparent purchase processes, and practicability come to the forefront under the light of algorithms in programmatic advertising.

Investments on the programmatic advertising which is becoming more popular every passing year are thought to reach 39 billion dollars in 2018 in the United States. In addition, it is foreseen that B2B companies which are slow on the uptake of the programmatic technology compared to B2C companies will speed up the adaptation process in 2019. So, what qualities of the programmatic advertising which is one of the most emphasized subjects in the world, particularly for the last several years make it different than conventional methods?


Effective Reach to Right Audience

In programmatic advertising, it is possible to target the audience in detail. Accordingly, it can be ensured that digital ads reach the related audience on the correct platform at the right time through programmatic processes of the data that are interpreted thanks to the artificial intelligence. It is possible to increase the conversion rates, to ensure that users develop trust for the brand, and to establish effective communication, thanks to targeted advertising.

Real-Time Data Analysis

Programmatic purchase processes take place through the real-time analysis of the data. By this means, the message that is desired to be conveyed to the audience through digital ads can be conveyed in line with the real-time data at the right time.

The programmatic technology which offers real-time advertising enables advertisers to reach all kinds of information related to online ads real-timely. In this way, it is possible to perform an instantaneous optimization in accordance with the performance of the ad campaign.

More Efficiency

All processes take place transparently in the programmatic advertising. Because it can be clearly seen how the expenses are directed and how they show performance with the programmatic technology which provides digital transparency.

In programmatic technology where it is possible to ensure that the budget is directly transferred to the inventory, campaign results are reported down to the last detail. Thanks to the programmatic advertising which ensures transparency, advertisers and publishers are able to create much more efficient campaigns.

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