Mobile’s share is increasing both in users’ lives and advertisers’ marketing activities day by day. However, the number of companies that don’t address investing on mobile ads as being critical is unfortunately and still, not so few. Yet, ignoring the mobile means missing out on major opportunities, especially with regards to the marketing field. On the other hand, without a doubt, investments of advertisers who use mobile channels in order to differentiate themselves and create a competitive edge keep increasing.

According to data shared by MarketingLand, mobile advertising will be accounting for 72 percent of all digital advertising investments in the US by the year 2019. This indicates that the advertisers would recognize mobile’s importance on advertising activities even more. Still, of course, tips to consider for enhancing mobile channel’s efficiency should not be overlooked. Here are some major tactics among online marketing strategies that would make you attain higher efficiencies for mobile…

Customize Your Ad Message to the Device

Presenting the ad message to target audience in every medium and every device without ever changing is one of the common errors that the advertisers fall into. Whenas the mobile ultimately has different dynamics than other channels and mobile ads hence should be rebuilt from their designs to their contents and from their strategies to targeting options to be better suited for mobile devices.

Customizing ad messages -depending on target audience characteristics as well- to suit for mobile devices would positively affect both the traffic received through mobile and the conversion rates. Hence it is of high importance that the ad campaigns should firstly be measured and according to the resulting data, the improvements should be made in terms of devices.

Create a Mobile-Specific Homepage

Utilization of content derived from non-mobile ad campaigns without changing a single feature and further use of this content in mobile campaigns is a common issue, as stated under the previous heading. Whereas another major pitfall is a homepage redirected from a mobile ad that doesn’t meet the expectation of the mobile user.

In order to prevent this, creating a homepage that is specifically designed for mobile users, and is conveniently accessed through mobile devices, thus that doesn’t adversely affect mobile experience, would be sufficient. Moreover, it would be easier this way for the advertiser to establish a bond of trust with its target audience.

Place Importance on Location Based Targeting

Digital advertising has an important position among companies’ marketing activities since it provides a chance to reach online users while they are in their offices, homes, on vacation or public transportation. Being one of the digital advertising methods, mobile ads make it possible to perform personalized promotional activities on mobile devices that are relevant to users’ needs and expectations. Furthermore, owing to their mobile-specific targeting options, the brands might suggest solutions to users in a moment where they need it the most.

It is being witnessed that the conversion rates are pretty high for targeted mobile ads where the location of target audience is taken into consideration. Because this feature allows impressions of ads that are of interest to users, which in turn enhance the campaign efficiency.

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