Affiliate marketing appears to be one of the most profitable marketing methods. This triggers the growth of the affiliate ecosystem each passing day. On the other hand, the situation may seem a little complicated for those who want to step into the affiliate publishing, but do not know where to start. At this point, it may be a little easier to get started by deciding which publishing model is right for you.

Once the affiliate publishing model is determined, affiliate studies can begin by developing favorable strategies. Therefore, it will be clear what steps will be taken to increase profits through an affiliate. But, what are these publishing models and what do they focus on? Here are 5 basic types of publishing that are useful to those who want to start affiliate marketing…


1) Cashback Publishing

It can be suggested that cashback sites are a very profitable model because their conversion rates are often relatively high. Because in this model, online users get a refund when they make a conversion, depending on the commision rate determined by the advertisers. As online users would visit a platform, which gives them the feeling of making profit, it can be thought that cashback is a model that is very beneficial for affiliate publishers.

2) Content Publishing

Affiliate publishers who embrace this model usually have content that addresses to a specific audience. As they are targeting users with same interests, the platform will also feature promotions of products and services for these areas. Such promotions can be composed of content types like banner ads with information about products and services, promotional texts, product reviews.

Advertisers are more likely to get conversions through this model as well because content publishing drives more traffic. Moreover the fact that the advertisers can interact with users who are directly related to the products and services owing to content publishing, would also mean higher conversion rates.

3) Coupon Publishing

The publishing model wich the discount coupons of the advertisers are published is called coupon publishing. Accordingly, online users are encouraged to use these discount coupons during their shopping, and thus they feel more advantageous. With this model, when users use discount coupons while buying products and services, publishers earn commissions, and therefore, this model provides benefits for advertisers, publishers, and online users.

4) Aggregator Publishing

Platforms which involve many products, price offers and online users are called aggregator. On these platforms, which can be considered like a shopping mall, users can view different product groups and are directed to sales through proposals. By this means, user needs can be satisfied in a practical way and publishers can earn an affiliate commission.

5) Mobile Publishing

In this model, content publishing is performed by taking mobile device features into consideration. It may also be possible to increase recognition and maximize traffic rates by using mobile platform advantages such as sending an push notification. Mobile publishers can publish their content via their mobile sites as well as through mobile applications to perform affiliate publishing.

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