The term Supply Side Platform, abbreviated as SSP, refers to a tool that helps publishers get the best offer from advertisers for their inventory. SSPs, which have a similar structure to the DSP (Demand Side Platform), contribute to better advertisement management for publishers only, unlike DSPs. In this respect, publishers determine the cost of the advertisement space through minimum units, and the advertiser who gives the maximum price for the advertisement space can gain access to the publisher’s website’s inventory.

The number of publishers using SSP technology, which makes the advertising management very practical, keeps growing. In addition to that, while programmatic advertising remains popular, it is possible to predict that SSP will be used by more publishers in future periods. So SSPs are considered to be the technology of the future, but how do they work?


How do Supply Side Platforms Work?

While online advertising is increasingly consolidating within marketing methods, technological innovations and advertising processes seem to have improved over time. Especially technologies such as real-time bidding and programmatic procurement, where the procedure is progressing automatically, bring significant advantages for publishers and advertisers. With RTB, advertisers can target the most appropriate audience to their preferred framework, ensuring that the most relevant advertisements are shown to them. This undoubtedly leads to the highest rates of return on advertiser’s investments.

On the other hand, it is possible for the publishers to get paid at a much higher rates, as the SSP allows for auction for each demonstration and advertisement space is being sold to the highest bidder. Since the publishers, in the most accurate terms, sell their inventory for their real values, they can make a profit through SSP.

The Benefit of Using SSP

SSPs, in addition to helping publishers to generate more revenue using their existing advertisement areas efficiently, enable all advertising management to become faster and more effective. On the other hand, publishers do not have to search for advertisers for the publishing advertisements. By allowing the SSPs to do it on behalf of themselves, they enable the process to proceed rapidly. In this sense, it can be prevented that space on the web platform remains free or the inventory remains unsold.

SSPs are turning out to be a useful tool for advertisers as well as for publishers. Because through SSP, advertisers are able to bid in real time, and they can choose how much they need to pay to display their advertisements to a highly targeted audience. In addition, since all pricing and bidding processes are progressing transparently, it can be argued that the process is both consistent and presents better results than other methods.

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