In the old days of advertising, radio ads were a big part of the mix. Radio was one of the few tools that advertisers could use, along with the press and TV. As time went on and television and then the Internet became more popular, radio became a less important medium. So, advertising on the radio also lost its value. However, with the modernization of radio, a new age for audio advertising has begun. But not many people understand how big this change is.

Traditional media still have the lion’s share of audio advertising. While 28.28 billion dollars were spent on audio advertising in 2021, the figure was 5.92 billion dollars for digital channels. Although it is predicted that the change will be in favor of digital channels, it is predicted that traditional channels will maintain their superiority even in 2027 projections. It is estimated that in 2027, 28.38 billion dollars will be spent on audio advertising in traditional media, and this figure will increase to 10 billion dollars for digital media.

Although it is foreseen that advertising expenditures on digital audio channels will increase by 100% in the next 5 years, this is not enough. However, digital audio channels have things that other channels do not offer.

A Better Audience

We can say that digital audio advertising platforms offer a more refined audience. Studies show that the average podcast listener is a university graduate, a business owner, and a high income group. In this way, digital audio ads are great for reaching a high-purchasing audience.

Better Connection

Digital audio improves brands’ connections with their target audience, both physically and emotionally.

Digital audio ads, unlike display ads, cannot be skipped. There is no ad blocking software for these ads either. In this way, it is easier for ads to reach the target audience.

He knows that listeners have a higher emotional bond with podcasts. Therefore, it is possible for brands that advertise on these channels to benefit from this connection.

Better Targeting

You may have observed that Spotify offers the best personalization experience among all digital content platforms. This is because people are more selective when it comes to sound. The same goes for podcasts. This selectivity also allows for much more accurate targeting in audio ads.

Undistracted Attention

Perhaps the biggest advantage of audio commercials is that the audience listens attentively to the advertisements. The sound is usually heard while walking, driving, or cooking. Therefore, there is usually no interaction with any media device during listening moments. This allows listeners to listen to audio commercials without being distracted.

Audio ads are making a comeback with the digital audio revolution. This is a very untouched area with great potential. This potential needs to be used.