As the mobile technology ecosystem keeps on developing, digital advertising methods that enable companies to reach their target audience also keep on becoming diversified. However, as time goes by, mobile advertising trends also vary in line with the behavioral traits of mobile users.

For instance, mobile advertising formats utilized for app advertising in order to enhance app downloads can vary depending on the trends. Five years ago, different types of banners were commonly preferred for enhancing download rates. But nowadays different and more creative advertising formats where cost per install (CPI) pricing model can be applied are in high demand.

So as of late, what are the most commonly utilized advertising models that facilitate companies in reaching their target audience?


Mobile Native

Native ads which are compatible with the content of the online platform they are displayed on and capable of advertising without interrupting online users’ web experience can also be applied to the mobile. Referred to as “mobile native”, this format can be tailored according to every mobile application’s content.

Moreover, mobile native ads increase interaction rates and thus campaign efficiencies since they don’t adversely affect the mobile experience. It seems that mobile native ads that have approximately 50 percent more viewing rates than the traditional banner ad formats will continue to be in high demand for a long while.

Mobile Interstitial

Being one of the banner ad types, interstitial ads provide a field of application also through the mobile channel. Interstitial ads that are displayed in a full-screen mode in mobile apps manage to attract mobile users’ attention. Hence, it becomes possible to attain high click rates and improve conversion rates.

Being an effective mobile ad format with rich media content, the interstitial format enables companies to stand out in competition also in mobile channels. However, interstitial ads should not adversely affect the mobile user experience. For this reason, the interstitial advertising content should be designed in such a way that it would attract the attention of the users who visit the mobile platform where the ad is displayed.

Mobile Video

It seems that the growing popularity of video contents will continue for many more years to come. Video ads which are highly effective also in mobile guarantee enhanced visibility as well as high eCPM rates when applied properly.

It is possible to reach a vast audience when the elevated access potential of the mobile is utilized together with the power of video contents. On the other hand, it would be wise to first investigate which mobile video format would be suitable for the digital advertising strategy. Collaborating with a solution partner that integrates with all innovations in the field of digital advertising technologies can ease your task in this sense.

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