What Awaits Advertisers in Metaverse?

Recently, the concept of “metaverse” has become one of the concepts we hear most often. Although not new as a concept, metaverse, which has become more realistic to become a part of the future with the development of technology, naturally attracts the attention of advertisers. This concept, which has started to be perceived more seriously, especially with Facebook’s change of company name to Meta, has many unknowns. We would like to share with you some of our predictions for this area where no one has definite ideas.

It Could Be the End of the Internet as We Know it

Metaverse and the concepts developed around it indicate that we will enter a new era on the internet. This era is called “web 3.0”.

You are probably familiar with the concepts of web 1.0 and web 2.0 and know the difference between them. It looks like the change in Web 3.0 will be bigger than the change between the first two phases of the internet. The biggest reason for this is the disappearance of central structures to a large extent.

Most of the Metaverse projects have the character of DAO (decentralized autonomous organization). Therefore, it seems that the central structures of the physical world that are moved to the internet will not exist in the metaverse. This will basically create a very different communication and working environment for advertisers.

Data and Context

One of the most important consequences of the disappearance of centralized structures is the dramatic change in data sources. In advertising, which can now be called “conventional”, user data is provided by centralized structures. The massive reduction in the number of these structures in the Metaverse will force advertisers to collect data more creatively for accurate targeting.

It won’t be easy. Being anonymous and establishing an alternative life to the physical world may become popular in the metaverse. This will make the job of advertisers very difficult.

In Metaverse, advertisers will have to deal with audiences that are more trailered. In order to know the masses, it will be important to know the metaverse and social dynamics closely. This can result in advertising operations being dependent on more insight and becoming much more complicated.

Delivering Value

One of the most important aspects of the metaverse concept is the more equitable sharing of the value generated within the community. It is possible to say that this share distribution, which is possible thanks to the crypto economy, will be fairer than today’s conditions. At least on paper…

Today, platform owners keep an extremely large slice of the revenue pie. They share a small portion of this cake with content producers. For ordinary users, there is nothing left.

Things are changing in the Metaverse. Thanks to NFTs and coins, everyone will be able to earn something.

Brands need to understand these dynamics well. Sharing only commercial messages will no longer make sense. Messages from brands that do not offer value to the Metaverse will disappear.

What We Actually Know: Nothing!

As we said at the beginning, we actually don’t know much about the metaverse. What we know does not go beyond simple guesses. This is the nature of change on the Internet. Therefore, it is very important to follow the developments closely and observe them constantly. The future will show us what will happen in the future.

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