Digital marketing is an area where you shouldn’t stop for a moment when it comes to learning new things. Blogs are a great resource for learning new things in modern times. We have compiled a few of our favorite blogs that we think will contribute to your professional development. Enjoy!

Google (

It’s fair to say, most of the internet is Google. So, it will be a good idea to follow their blog. You can have a general view of the recent developments on the internet and get product updates on Google’s blog.

Neil Patel (

Neil Patel is around for some time, and he creates valuable content for marketers (especially for those involved with search engine marketing). His easy-going style makes things easy to understand.


MOZ is one of the essential tools used by SEO experts. Their blog is one of the most important domains on the internet to get news and tips about search engines. If you want your website to have higher rankings in search results, you should definitely check their blog.

Convince & Convert (

It’s all about conversion, isn’t it? Convince & Convert is a digital marketing consultancy firm based in the US, and they publish valuable content to let you get higher conversion rates in different branches of digital marketing.

Quick Sprout (

Quick Sprout is a very informative website for digital marketing newbies and provides lots of valuable information for masters of this world too. They cover many different topics in their blogs, from project management to using WordPress.

Content Marketing Institute (

Content Marketing Institute is probably is one of the most important meeting points of content marketers. Throughout the year, they organize events and publish reports. Their blog contains valuable “how to’s” and opinions of the most influential people in the business.

Think With Google (

Another blog from Google, but this one is more specific about solutions provided for marketers by Google. You can find case studies and industry trend reports here.

Buffer (

Buffer is one of the most preferred social media tools used by experts, and if you need some tips and tricks about social media marketing, their blog is a good domain to start with. You can have a better social media presence using the things you’ll learn from their blog.

Unmarketing (

Unmarketing believes real marketing starts when you stop doing marketing. For them, engagement is the key to success. If you are looking for new ways to raise people’s engagement with your brand, check this blog.