In digital advertising, we focus heavily on targeting so that ads can have maximum impact. However, using good ad copies is the most critical requirement for reaping the benefits of all of our hard work in targeting. We cannot always say that we place enough emphasis on the effectiveness of advertising copies. So, let’s return to the fundamentals of advertising. Let’s look at some tips for writing good ad copy.

Understand the User’s Context

Users in online media encounter your ads in a specific context. This context can range from fixing a problem to simply having a good time. When it comes to crafting your ad copy, understanding this context is invaluable. This context can be determined from the keywords used in ad targeting.

Think Well the Title

You’ll see that in classic advertising books, spend half your time writing the ad copy and the other half finding a good headline. This advice still applies. A good headline is what will get your ad to read.

So, what should a good title be? A good title should be simple. Get straight to the point without being too rambunctious. Tell the consumer directly about your promise. Remember that nobody cares about your ad, and you have to deliver your message in a very tight time frame.

Talk About the Benefit of the Product to the Consumer, Not the Product Features

We buy products and services to get our lives from point A to point B. Product features are meaningful as long as they benefit us. Do not forget this fact. Therefore, instead of focusing on the features of a product, explain how these features will change the life of the consumer. “What’s in it for me?” Make sure you have the answer to the question.

Problem – Solution – Evidence

We use every product in our life to solve a specific problem (even the most useless ones). So it might be a good idea to address this problem at the beginning of your ad copy. Then you need to briefly explain how you solved this problem. But you also need to prove why this solution works. Use numbers, be specific. Make the consumer feel like you know what you’re doing.

Test It

Even with years of experience in copywriting, there’s no way you can know for sure whether an ad will work or not. Take advantage of online advertising to maximize the performance of your ad creatives. When creating an ad campaign, start by preparing a few alternative copies. Measure which copies perform better by performing A/B tests and shape your campaign with the insights you gain.