How to Drive Massive Amounts of Traffic from Pinterest to Your Website?

Pinterest is probably the most underrated social media among marketers. Its potential is known for some time, but in reality, only a few marketers took steps to use Pinterest to grow their business.

If you are in the business of selling goods online, we have some tricks to drive more traffic from Pinterest to your website.

Have a Pinterest Business Account

Naturally, the first step should be to set up a Pinterest Business account. Business accounts provide more features than personal accounts. You can have more data and create widgets inside your website with your business account.

Pin. Pin a Lot!

Pinterest is about participation. Forget about posting frequency rules of Instagram or Facebook, pin as much as you can on Pinterest. If you can pin 10 times a day, don’t be shy and do it. Of course, always post relevant content on Pinterest.

Pin Other’s Stuff Too

Pinterest is about participation, right? So, don’t only pin your original content, but also other things created by other people. If your Pinterest boards become valuable content curation points for the Pinterest community, you’ll grab their attention in no time.

Pay Attention to SEO

Pinterest is a social network. But it’s also a hidden search engine. Many people use Pinterest as a search engine, especially shoppers. So when you’re picking a name for your board and writing descriptions for your pins, always pay attention to use relevant keywords.

Pinterest has also a huge power over Google. Many SEO experts are fascinated by the rankings of Pinterest on Google. If you pay attention to the written content you create on Pinterest, you will probably increase your visibility on Google search results.

Be a Part of the Community

Once again, Pinterest is about participation. So write comments on other people’s stuff and repin. Your participation in the Pinterest community will be awarded.

Be Patient

Don’t expect to be the coolest kid on the block overnight. It will take time and effort to get popularity on Pinterest. You just have to be persistent.

If you are selling visual items like fashion or home decoration, Pinterest is “the” place to be for you. If you pay enough attention to your Pinterest, it will probably become one of the most important traffic sources for your website.

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