The digital advertising industry is huge, with hundreds of billions of dollars being spent every year. Of course, an industry of this size attracts fraudsters whose deceptive practices cost both seller and buyers billions of dollars annually. The ISA estimates the cost to be $8.2 billion in the US alone, and fraud is seen by many as the scourge of programmatic advertising.

Ad fraud in its most common forms include bot traffic, ads on platforms never actually seen by real users, pop under ads, ad stacking… the list goes on. Fraudsters will target all types of digital advertising, especially emerging markets and technologies which haven’t yet implemented robust detection methods.

So what can marketers do to protect themselves? There are a few different approaches which, used together, can help protect your advertising budget from being chipped away at by fraudsters.

  • Use ad verification tools: These third-party providers will help filter out fraudulent ads.
  • Measure conversions rather than clicks: Switching your bidding proposition to conversions or lead forms will result in more tangible metrics less open to fraud.
  • Use trusted platforms: Be wary of only using programmatic networks where you can’t verify your ad spend.
  • Use Ads.txt:  Adopt the IAB’s Ads.txt protocol to help avoid domain spoofing and resulting ad inventory from ending up on third-party sites

But you should also always look to partner with a DSP that takes a proactive approach to preventing ad fraud. ReklamStore’s Brand Safety feature prioritises your brand’s safety, protecting it from accidental placements and shielding your spend from ad fraud. With the Brand Safety feature, you’re able to choose from website whitelists which provide pre-approved, reputable publishing channels. You can also decide on the quality of media, and protect your campaign against bots, proxies, suspicious IPs and spiders. It provides comprehensive protection against ad fraud attempts.

The Brand Safety feature was developed in partnership with leading ad fraud detection companies Forensiq*, Fraudlogix and Integral Ad Science. Their fraud detection technologies are integrated into our platform, and in tandem with our filters, help protect your campaign.

When you use the Brand Safety feature options on your campaign, you only bid on inventory that’s been confirmed to contain safe content related to your selected category.

ReklamStore’s goal is to provide brand-safe, fraud-free advertising for our customers. That’s why we offer the Brand Safety feature free of charge to our partners. When you create a campaign, some of the feature’s options are selected automatically to protect you from known bots, spiders and other weapons in the fraudster’s arsenal.

With its premium inventory and whitelist/blacklist options and the game-changing protection tool that is the Brand Safety feature, ReklamStore DSP is on of the safest DSP options in the programmatic industry.