The Impact of Google’s May 2020 Core Update

As you probably know Google is constantly updating its search algorithm to provide better search results. And from time to time, almost three or four times a year, these updates are huge and Google calls them “core update”.

The last core update was rolled out on May 4, 2020, and it was one of the biggest updates that Google made for years. Many sites lost thousands of daily traffic, while some others won. Naturally, everyone in the digital marketing world, especially the SEO community are asking the same two questions: “What happened?” and “What do I have to do?” Continue Reading…

How COVID 19 Changed the Media

During the Coronavirus crisis, you probably remembered the “real” function of the black box sitting in your living room. We are talking about your TV. This device you used for a very long time as a larger display for your laptop or the monitor of your gaming console has become a news source through TV channels. Many of us changed our media consumption habits during the Coronavirus crisis.

Continue Reading…

Highlights of Coronavirus Crisis in the Advertising Industry

Those who spent a considerable amount of time in the advertising business know well how fragile the industry is against economic struggles.

The economic crisis means uncertain times. And most of the brands are tentative about making investments in uncertain times.

The problem is that advertising is an investment.

We have seen lots of global, regional, and local economic crises in the 2000s and most of the companies in the business developed some kind of survival skills during these hard times. We have heard this saying a lot: There lies an opportunity in every crisis.

But this time, things are pretty different. COVID-19 crisis that put the world on hold made us experience something we had never seen before in the modern global economy. As the nature of this crisis is not similar at all to the other crises we faced during our lifetimes, it became a real struggle to crack the code of the situation we are in. Continue Reading…

How Advertisers Are Responding to the Coronavirus Crisis

Day after day  we understand that we’re passing through something we have never seen before. COVID-19 crisis created tectonic shifts in every part of our lives, and business life took a major share of the hit.

Uncertainty is the greatest nemesis of business and as we’ve never seen a global emergency like Coronavirus crisis, most of the businesses had to take a moment to consider what’s going on. For most of them, it’s time to drop long term plans and live day by day.

Advertising plans for most of the companies have dramatically changed during this period. The first reaction of many advertisers was to pause their entire advertising spending. In the US, 24% of the advertisers paused all campaigns of theirs for Q1 and Q2 of 2020. Continue Reading…

Digital Advertising After Coronavirus

Coronavirus is the most destructive pandemic we have seen in our lifetime. But it’s not the first one in the history of humanity. Humans had faced pandemics most of which were more fatal than Coronavirus. Every time, humanity survived. This time, we will survive as well, but many things will change.

As advertising people, we are always in the middle of social changes. Coronavirus crisis will be no exception. During this time we’ll experience one of the most significant changes in our professional lives. Continue Reading…