Most of us are so focused on creating effective advertising strategies. We think a lot about targeting and budget allocation. But we forget about the value of creative materials in our ads. In this article, we will give you some tips to create more engaging advertising copies.

What’s in It for Me?

Your advertising copy must be functional for the user. Because in most of the cases the user will encounter your ad when searching for a solution for a problem (Google ads are the perfect example for this) or in a context in which they will be receptive to your messages. You must show your users that you have a solution for their problem or you are aware of the context they are in. You must be functional for your users and be able to answer this question when they see your ad: What’s in it for me?

Prove It!

If you have a promise, a solution to a problem, for example, you must have to prove that you can deliver your promise. Especially, if your brand is still in the phase of building a brand reputation, it’s a must for you.

Your time and space will be limited in a digital ad. So, you’d better cut to the chase quickly. Prove your capabilities. Use numbers, testimonials… Be creative!

Show Yourself

Most of us don’t even notice advertising on web pages. Advertising became a natural part of our browsing life.

But as you are an advertiser, naturally you want to be seen. To be successful on this difficult mission, you must make efforts.

Catchy headlines of vibrant colors on your graphics can be a solution. The most important thing here is your brand. Think about the creative boundaries of your brand and create striking ad copies according to them.

Have a Style! 

Consistency is important in advertising. There must be harmony between your ad copies. To create that harmony, you should think about the tonality of your brand.

Writing a few words about the tonality of your brand isn’t a bad idea. Thanks to written tonality, your ads will have the same feeling even they are created by different people.


We said that we have some tips for you to create better ads. But we don’t have a formula. Each brand has different needs, so each marketer has different challenges to deal with. To find the track for your brand, you must experiment.

Starting a campaign with multiple advertising copies is a good idea. Measure the performance of each copy and try to understand what’s working for your brand. A few campaigns later, you will have a better understanding of what you have to do when creating a new ad copy.