As technology develops with each passing day, advertising channels and marketing practices continue to evolve accordingly. This leads to the introduction of many different new concepts into human life. Advertisers, marketing experts and, of course, other professionals in the digital advertising ecosystem are also required to follow all these concepts and be familiar with their meaning.

To be familiar with basic digital advertising terms can also be a great advantage for advertiser brands to manage their processes. Because in this way, it becomes quite easy to decide which practice to continue with, for what purpose and in what situation. Here are 10 digital marketing terms that are of great benefit to know by advertisers…


1) Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the rate showing the percentage of online users, who visit a website and leave it from the landing page without browsing any other pages. A high bounce rate indicates that there are problems with the website. Therefore, to ensure that the rate is low, online user behavior should be monitored and necessary improvements should be made to the website.

2) Conversion Rate

It is defined as conversion, when online users visit a brand’s website through digital marketing and perform the desired behavior, thus complete the desired goal. Desired behavior can be various actions such as purchasing, subscribing and filling out forms. The conversion rate in this case is the ratio of the total number of visitors to the converted visitors.


These two concepts, created by the abbreviation of Cost Per Click and Pay Per Click expressions, have the same meaning. According to this, CPC-PPC is a widely used method that expresses the price paid per click on the advertisement in accordance with the arrangement made with the website where the online advertisement is displayed.

4) CTA

The term CTA consists of the initials of Call to Action, which refers to messages used in digital advertising campaigns to encourage the target audience to realize a goal. For example; expressions such as “buy now” and “subscribe now” aim to increase the success rates of digital advertisements by directing online users to this behavior.

5) CTR

CTR, the abbreviated form of Click Through Rate expression, specifies the ratio of users who click on an online ad to users who viewed that ad. The CTR term can be viewed as an important metric for understanding the success of an ad since not everyone who views an ad can be assumed to have clicked it.

6) Inbound Marketing

Creating content that can be published on online channels and overlap with the expectations of the target audience constitutes the scope of the inbound marketing. Since a content that offers a value to online users is highly likely to be shared, it is also possible to reach large masses.

7) Landing Page

Landing page is a standalone web page, created specifically for the purposes of a marketing or advertising campaign. Landing pages are often tailored to make a certain target audience realize a desired purpose.

8) Responsive Design

Responsive design is automatically resized, hide, shrink, or enlarge, a website, to make it look good on all devices such as mobile and tablet.

9) Retargeting/Remarketing

In the event that online users leave a website without desired action, the marketing method that directs them to visit the website again through other channels is called retargeting or remarketing.

10) Target Audience

It’s a specific group of people you choosed with shared characteristics who are most likely to draw attention in your products or services. Choosing the right target audience can also help reduce ad costs, as it will increase the conversion rate.

It is important to learn the digital marketing terms as their number increase day by day. However, working with platforms that are already familiar with said terms and specialized in digital advertising is also important for brands to achieve success. If you also want to build the best digital advertising campaign for your brand, you can create your ReklamStore account right now and meet ReklamStore, which produces end-to-end digital advertising solutions.