How to Create a Successful Mobile Game

Needless to say, mobile games are a part of our daily lives. Almost all of us are addicted to a mobile game. We play them on the way to the office, on the sofa after dinner and in the toilet while doing our private business.

At first, mobile games were considered as something nice to have in the app world. Most of the people thought that the main benefit of mobile devices will come from productivity, social media and news apps. But in reality, mobile games won the first place by far in this race.

By 2019, mobile gaming industry reached a volume of 152 billion dollars globally with 2.4 billion gamers worldwide. 51% of the money in the gaming business goes to mobile gaming.

This is huge and naturally this is mouthwatering for many entrepreneurs. As mobile game developing processes require less resources than PC games do, the competition is immense.

There are some key points you should be aware of before rolling up your sleeves for a new mobile game.

Monetization First

The first thing you have to consider is monetization before working on not only a mobile game, but also any commercial mobile app. Finding an effective way to make money from your game will be the most important factor in your success. Don’t forget that many popular apps had to go down because of their weak finances.

Keep It Small, Keep It Simple

Mobile gamers are not gaming nerds (well, most of them). They are your mom! You better keep this in your mind when designing your game.

Mobile gaming industry is dominated by casual gamers. These people are simple people looking for simple games to spend some time.

On the other hand, due the limitations of interface you can’t ask your gamers to complete complex tasks. Thus, especially when you are new to developing mobile games, you must focus on simple gaming mechanics.

Understand the Psychology of Addiction

Mobile games are annoying. They are so annoying that we become addicted to them. Sometimes we spend hours of our precious lives to pass a level in a stupid game.

Mobile game developers are not psychopaths who are having fun by playing with our minds. They just know how addiction works and they use that knowledge to keep us in the game.

If you are thinking about developing a new game, keep that in mind. If you crack the codes of addiction, you will have a huge advantage on the way.

Think About Marketing

Having a good game is good,but having a good marketing strategy is better.

Never expect that a good game will promote itself. You have to make huge efforts before your game becomes popular. This is not an easy task to do and you may need some help from professionals.

Listen to People

The best feedback will always come from your people: Gamers. Listen to what they say.

Always be in close contact with the gaming community. They will see the problems you haven’t seen before and they will give you brightest ideas. Have a strategy to engage with them and never let them down.

Don’t Go Down

You must be online. All the time. Period.

You always have to keep the track of your technical infrastructure and take action immediately if there is any problem. Having technical problems in a game, even for a couple of hours, can easily end up as a disaster. Gamers want their game when they want it. Be there when they want you.

It may seem that all the corners are taken in the mobile gaming world. But there will be always a spot for new players in the industry. You just have to be creative and well prepared for the game.

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