How Can SSP Make Publishers’ Lives Easier?

At the time when ad spaces were sold in traditional ways and the programmatic technology was not yet widespread, impression sales and purchases were carried out one by one. For this reason, important resources, such as time and money were used quite inefficiently compared to the programmatic. However, SSPs that have the programmatic technology in which all the process takes place automatically in split seconds, make the lives of the publishers who prefer to use them considerably easier.

Thanks to the programmatic SSP, publishers can easily access customers whose existence was once unknown to them. In this way, it becomes possible for them to keep the fill rates high. But, what other benefits can SSPs provide for online publishers?


Full Control Over Inventories

SSPs serve the purpose of efficient use of ad spaces. Through SSPs, publishers are able to determine the cost of ad spaces on minimum units and to negotiate with the advertiser who offers the highest price.

By this means, ad inventory meets advertisers without ever losing its value. The SSP which is used to automatically sell their inventory by online publishers ensures that the control over the inventory belongs to the publisher.

Opportunity to Access Numerous Demand Resources

It becomes possible through SSPs to reach many DSPs, ad exchanges, and advertising networks. Reaching various demand resources means that the same ad space can be sold on more than one channel. However, it is worth reminding that the number of demand resources depends upon the integrations which the selected SSP has. In this sense, it is beneficial to pay attention to which integrations are present while selecting a SSP.

For example, ReklamStore SSP enables publishers to find demand resources from all over the world. In this way, you can reach dozens of demand resources and carry out the process directly with local as well as global customers.

Chance to Maximize Profit

Programmatic SSP enables coming together with the advertisers who participate in the auction for impression and thus, makes it possible to sell the inventory to the highest bidder. This means that publishers can receive payments at much higher rates compared to the traditional ad space sales method. So, SSPs support publishers in maximizing their profits.

If you also want to maximize your profit, you can use ReklamStore SSP and through ReklamStore SSP which is a self serve platform, you can create your own codes and activate them quite easily. Create your ReklamStore account immediately to have the complete control over your inventory, to reach global demand resources, and to use your ad spaces efficiently.

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