We’ve been hearing about the concept of AI a lot over the last few years. Many industries use AI to increase efficiency. Advertising will inevitably be among the industries that use AI. Within this industry, programmatic advertising is the most apt to use AI to increase effectiveness.

Personalized Content, Tailored Advertising

When we sit in front of a computer or pick up our mobile phone outside of our working hours, the thing we do most is to consume content. But here’s a fact: Most of the content on websites is of no interest to us. We do the job of filtering the content that interests us.

From this point of view, we can say that the adventure of most publishers in digital media does not go beyond digitizing printed materials. The technology needed for a more personalized consumption of content is now available. Some startups are working on real-life applications of these technologies.

AI plays a huge role in customizing content. Considering advertising is also a form of content, AI will play a major part in customizing the advertisement shown to each user.

Oh, Those Cookies…

Although Google postponed the steps to be taken regarding cookies, it did not cancel its plans at all. Blocking third-party cookies will one day become a reality, and today it is a significant obstacle ahead of the concept of personalization, which is heavily dependent on cookies.

In a future where data resources will be limited, AI, which can make predictions by analyzing the user’s content consumption within a website or application, may become the focus of personalization efforts. Predicting the user’s behavior streams with NLP techniques can ensure that the right ads are displayed, without relying on third-party cookies.

Less Money, More Impact

One of the areas where AI will be effective is budgeting. Calculating the actual value of an ad space is quite a complex task. It is almost impossible to do this manually, especially in an area where things like programmatic advertising are progressing very quickly. AI can help media buyers with this. By continuously calculating the ROI, AI can ensure that the most efficient ad spaces are paid the lowest amounts.

Ad Creatives Can Also Be Personalized

Semantic web technologies are developing. We now talk to digital assistants like Siri or Google Assistant almost every day. When semantic technologies are used together with AI developed for advertising, creating highly effective ad texts can no longer be magic. In this way, instead of showing the most relevant ad to the user in an ad pool, personalized ads can be produced for the user in real-time.