2021 has been a very challenging year in many aspects. Not to mention how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed consumer behavior. On the agenda of the programmatic advertising world, there were restrictions on third-party cookies. All these developments show that 2022 will be a year of significant changes. We wanted to take a look at the trends that will mark the field of programmatic advertising in 2022.

The Death of Cookies

Companies, in addition to international organizations and government institutions, are also taking firm steps on the privacy of user data. Last year, Apple’s regulations had a profound effect on mobile advertising. However, the real significant change seems to be with Google’s decision to block the use of third-party cookies.

Google postponed this change, which it announced to take place in 2022, until 2023. Marketers who are dependent on cookies for targeting have thus gained some time.

It is known that many companies are still unprepared to replace cookies. The prominent solutions seem to be contextual advertising and membership systems. In this field, new technology companies that develop alternatives to the use of cookies have emerged. With the restriction on the use of third-party cookies set to take effect in 2022, it appears that the power balance will shift.

The Return of Television

Television, the golden instrument of traditional media, made a remarkable comeback in 2021 by becoming a digital medium thanks to connected TVs. In 2021, about 80% of advertisers announced that they would significantly increase their CTV investments. This is good news for television, which is way behind the times, when it comes to targeting and metering.

The biggest reason for this change in 2021 was the dramatic increase in television viewing times since 2020 as a result of the pandemic-related closures. Research shows that the time spent watching TV increases up to 40% during this period.

The traditional television world cannot be claimed to have kept pace with this rapid change. There are still important steps to be taken in the field of programmatic TV advertising, and 2022 seems to be a year of great activity in this field.

The Unstoppable Rise of In-Game Advertising

In the last few years, there have been significant developments in the field of in-game advertising, especially with mobile games becoming much more popular. The increase in the number of casual gamers due to the pandemic is the most important driving force of this change.

It is known that there are more than 3 billion players in the world today. Therefore, this huge audience makes advertisers’ mouths water.

Programmatic advertising is a critical tool to reach the right audiences with accurate targeting. Although there will be great developments in the field of in-game programmatic advertising in 2021, it is predicted that the real big change will be in 2022.

But on the other hand, this is a very competitive field. Today, there are over 450,000 game apps on Google Play alone, with hundreds of new games being added every day.