No need to say publishing is a different game today. No matter you are a beginner or spent lots of years of your life in the publishing business, you have to learn how you can make money on digital.

We’ll give you some important tips for one of the most important revenue resources for publishers to : Affiliate Marketing. Using these tips will enable you to create wonderful content and keep your financial independence.

Create Good Content

“What an advice!” you will say. But hold your horses…

Back in the days, the only source to create good content was your instincts. But today you have lots of tools which can help you to create content that people love.

First of all, you must decide on a subject. An SEO tool can be very helpful to decide the headlines of your content. Looking for the popularity of certain keywords on Google can give you a hint about what people are thinking about.

Secondly, your content must be “consumable”. If you are writing an article, you should avoid long sentences and paragraphs. A 90-second intro in a video is not a good idea. There are some online tools to optimize your creative assets. Use them.

Don’t Try to Be Everything to Everyone

If you are not running a massive news portal with 100 personnel, it can be a good idea to put a frame about the area of your content. Are you good at Asian cuisine, then don’t write about Turkish food recipes. You are an economist and you think that there is a lack of good content about Bitcoin in your country, write about Bitcoin only.

That kind of mastery will be rewarded by your users and Google.

Keep the Products You Promote in Your Mind

It’s a good idea to shape your editorial agenda considering affiliate marketing. You can use your SEO tool or Google Trends data to decide which products to create content about. And don’t forget the competition there!

Each keyword on Google has a level of competition. “Fridge” is a more competitive word than “deep freezer” because fridge is a more popular need than deep freezer. Especially if you are new to the publishing business, you have to find fruitful keywords with less competition.

Optimize Your Keywords for Search Engines (Yes, Google!)

Do you know how to create optimized content for Google? If you don’t, start learning it today! There are several online courses that can be helpful.

Being an SEO expert will bring more traffic to your website. And of course, more traffic will bring more money.

Be Credible

You can have lots of traffic to your website, but if people don’t click on your affiliate links and buy these products, that traffic will be useless.

So you have to be trustable for your readers. Never suggest a product that you are not sure about. Don’t try to convince your visitors to buy overpriced low-quality products. If you lose the trust of your readers, you are done.