Why You Should Choose DSP Instead Of Google Ads


The demand side platform, abbreviated as DSP, can be defined as a technology that enables media buying and creating advertising campaigns for advertisers. In this respect, DSP resembles Google’s product AdWords, now known as Google Ads, can be used instead of Google Ads owing to its many different features.

Although DSP has a lot in common with Google Ads, it has important and advantageous features for advertisers. For this reason, there are many advertisers who use a DSP instead of Google Ads. So what are the most important features of DSP for advertisers that distinguishes it from Google Ads and makes it preferable?

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How to Generate More Sales With Video Ads


Video contents that become increasingly popular thanks to video sharing networks have also become an efficient promotion tool for companies. Parallel to the increasing interest of online users to video contents, investments in video ads accordingly are in full throttle. Still, it wouldn’t be right to defend that all video ad campaigns prove sufficient for attaining the anticipated success.

The fact that advertising companies are sometimes not able to determine the correct strategy undoubtedly plays a major role in these cases of failure. Video ads intended to assist in boosting sales might fail to meet expectations sometimes with regard to their content, sometimes with regard to their method and at other times due to technical incompetence. That being said, what are the main points advertisers should pay attention to in order to achieve their sales objectives?

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How to Better Understand the Audience with Cross-Device Targeting


Cross-device targeting has been a hot topic in advertising for the past few years. Marketers embrace a more holistic audience view and want to target, measure or engage a single person across all their digital devices. The reason for this attention is the increase in the number of consumers who use multiple devices at the same time.

According to a March 2016 survey by Econsultancy, 75% of marketers in North America mentioned “matching customers across multiple devices” as digital priority. Only 14% of the marketers in the same survey said that their company can handle such matching, indicating a gap of 60 pts between digital priority vs capability.    

In a world of rapidly increasing multi-screen usage, 360-degree view of the consumer has become crucial for effective marketing. Marketers want to be in touch at key points on the customer journey. In order to do this, they must be able to map people across their devices. For example, a consumer can make product search from his/her tablet, then makes the purchase from his/her laptop and makes no action for that product from his/her smartphone. If there is no cross-device targeting identification capability; these three devices will be treated as three different users and digital marketers will target three different users with different digital marketing strategies. They may recommend the same product that the consumer already purchased from laptop which will lead to inefficient campaign management.

So, cross-device identity management is at the core of data-driven advertising. Most digital marketing companies take the data they have and use an algorithm to map users. The advertising companies that are strong in data­-driven advertising will have a competitive advantage in this process.

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Mobil reklam kampanyalarında hedefleme yapmanın önemi

Mobil reklam kampanyalarında hedefleme yapmanın önemi

Tüm reklam çalışmaları, markalar tüketicileriyle buluşabildiğinde başarı hedeflerine ulaşıyor. Dijital reklam çalışmalarında da durum çok farklı değil. Marka, online ortamda hedef kitlesine sesleniyor ve arzu edilen davranışı internet kullanıcılarının gerçekleştirmesini bekliyor. Ancak kullanıcılara ulaşabilmek için hedef kitleyi yakından tanımak büyük önem taşıyor.

Diğer yandan mobil kullanımının yükselişe geçmesiyle mobil reklam kampanyaları da giderek yaygınlaşıyor. Mobil dünyanın kullanıcılarına ise diğer reklam çalışmalarından daha farklı değişkenler göz önünde bulundurularak ulaşılabiliyor. Hedef kitle davranışlarını gözlemleyerek buna uygun kampanyalar geliştirmek, başarı hedeflerinin daha kolay gerçekleştirilmesine imkan sağlıyor. Bu noktada mobil reklamlarda hedefleme yapmanın gerekliliği ortaya çıkıyor.

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