Should You Use Programmatic Advertising?


In line with the advancing technology and changing trends over the last 20 years, digital advertising terms rapidly gained popularity in the advertising world. Thanks to digital advertising methods, the advertisers had the opportunity to reach the majority of their target audience through more practical and affordable ways.

Currently, digital advertising became much more advanced by means of technological innovations so that it can target the whole of the target audience. It can thus be argued that the programmatic technology, being the latest chain of digital advertising, for now, opens advertisers the door to many possibilities.

So; what kind of advantages does the programmatic advertising -referred to as the future of advertising- provide advertisers compared to classical methods?

Targeted Advertising Opportunity

Programmatic ads are based on variables such as the needs, expectations and shopping habits of online users. This way it is possible to target the audience which has the greatest potential to be interested in the content of the ad, and thus to display the ad to them.

The advertisements targeted at users’ characteristics, locations and interests will then naturally lead the way for an increase in conversion rates. And this, of course, will ensure higher returns on investment (ROI) for the advertisement. Programmatic advertising can also help to enhance the brand’s positive reputation among the target audience.

Ability For Efficient Resource Management

In programmatic advertising, ad buying process proceeds automatically in milliseconds. Furthermore, the advertisers attend auctions for the advertising space they wish to buy.

With these auctions termed as real time bidding, web pages visited can be transformed into real-time ad impressions, based on user interactions. Advertisers who desire to reach their target audience, thus gain the ability to use their time and financial resources much more efficiently for buying an advertising space.

Prospect of Having Accurate Data

User data constitutes the foundations of programmatic advertising. This data is collected with the help of permitted cookies belonging to the users visiting websites. Hence it becomes possible to the display the correct ad at the most appropriate time and place; and when the target audience needs.

You can have various data-focused ad solutions such as a display, mobile or video with programmatic technology that creates an advantageous position for advertisers, publishers, and consumers at the same time. If you also would like to get familiar with programmatic advertising, create your ReklamStore account right away; and achieve your digital advertising goals as soon as possible!

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