3 Crucial Benefits of Supply Side Platforms

Supply Side Platform or more widely known as SSP, is a digital advertising technology allowing online publishers to sell their inventories automatically. SSPs, which bear similar properties with DSPs (Demand Side Platforms) that contribute to better advertising management for advertisers, focus merely on publishers.

SSPs pave the way for an auction to be carried out for each advertisement display of publishers and therefore the selling of the ad space to the party that offers the highest bid. Hence, publishers can sell the ad space for its real value thanks to the SSPs. So, what other significant advantages do SSPs offer, other than ensuring publishers to earn much better in comparison to traditional methods?

1) Easy Access to Multiple Advertisers

SSPs allow publishers to sell their inventories on multiple ad exchanges, DSPs and ad networks simultaneously. In this way, publishers can reach out far more potential buyers. Reaching out to the buyers may slow the operational process for publishers. But thanks to SSPs that conduct this operation on behalf of publishers, the process proceeds much rapidly and practically.

2) High Fill Rate

The number of ad spaces in publishers’ websites and whether these spaces are vacant or occupied is measured by the fill rate. The fill rate can also give hints about the efficiency of the website for it directly affects the revenues of publishers. In this sense, accessing a high fill rate means more revenue.

The SSP technology carries out optimization so that the ad spaces of advertisers are sold for their highest values. On the other hand, SSPs makes it possible to reach out to a large number of buyers, so that the probability of ad spaces to remain dysfunctional can be kept at a minimum level.

3) The Possibility of Determining a Floor Price

Supply Side Platforms, also allow publishers to determine a floor price and the opportunity to choose the buyers to whom the inventories will be offered. Hence, it can be possible, for example, to cut down prices a little bit to gain a new advertiser. This feature of SSPs can be a rather efficient option for publishers most of the time.

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