The Guide For Creating Successful Mobile Ad Campaigns


The usage of mobile devices today has reached a point where brands should not ignore. Moreover, each individual owns several different mobile devices. This undoubtedly indicates that the mobile channel’s share in advertising investments will grow steadily. But increasing the budget allocated for mobile ads alone does not guarantee that the advertising goals will be reached. In addition to this, it is necessary to develop effective mobile advertising campaigns based on well-established strategies.

There are, of course, many other variables to consider when it comes to creating mobile ads that can increase conversion rates and help advertisers achieve their objectives. But it’s also possible to talk about some of the common features that successful mobile advertising campaigns have.

Here are 3 basic steps that need to be taken in order to create mobile advertising campaigns that will help advertisers achieve their goals:

1) Prepare Campaign Background

First and foremost, it’s important to determine the desired goal to reach by mobile advertising campaigns. For example, identifying specific goals such as increasing brand awareness, raising sales figures, increasing mobile app downloads, and providing traffic to an online store will make it possible to measure the success of the advertising campaign.

Afterwards, the target audience to be reached by the campaign should be determined. It would be of great benefit to determine people who are likely to realize a conversion and would be interested in the ad campaign.

2) Determine Your Roadmap

Once the aim and the target audience of the campaign have been decided, it will be useful to do a research about which ad formats would carry the campaign to success. For example, for mobile app advertising it would be wise to apply the cost per install model. In this sense, the demographic characteristics of the target audience can help with the decision.

In this way, it can be easier to decide on the the communication tone of the ads, the types of content, the duration of the campaign and the mobile advertisement platforms. Once all these decisions are made, the budget of the campaign will begin to shape gradually.

3) Take The Action and Analyse Campaign Results

Once the campaign scope has been determined and the mobile ad creatives are ready, the second to last step can be taken. At this stage, it is required to test the ad campaigns in order to measure the campaign efficiency and make the necessary improvements. Thus, necessary precautions can be taken against potential surprises that may arise after the campaign is realized.

Once the mobile ad campaign meets the target audience, it’s time to measure the success of the ads. After evaluating the data obtained during the campaign, plans can be made on how the next campaign should be carried out in consideration of these findings.

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