Landscape: Global Affiliate Marketing Ecosystem

As budgets tighten and ROI pressures increase, 2017 is set to be another significant year for the affiliate marketing industry. According to eMarketer; affiliate marketing accounts for 7.5% of total digital spend among retailers with significant annual growth rates. It’s highly measurable, it can scale easily, and more premium and social content publishers are opening up their inventory to it. Better attribution techniques have also enabled the rise of programmatic marketing, much of it billed on CPM impressions but optimized for CPA or other performance metrics.

Here at ReklamStore, we put together a global landscape for affiliate marketing. While preparing this, we collected opinions and feedbacks of the marketing professionals and industry experts.

The landscape shows many exciting and promising business opportunities amongst members; in addition to an array of companies and services available to online businesses as they look to leverage affiliate marketing. We believe that the landscape will be very helpful to understand the ecosystem of affiliate marketing industry and we hope that marketing professionals can benefit from this educational resource.


Here are the other details about the project;

  • The landscape is an indicative overview of the affiliate marketing in the world focusing mainly on media buying methods of affiliate marketing as of 2017. Therefore cash back, coupon, e-mail and similar affiliate marketing methods are not included.
  • The landscape is aimed to be an educational tool. It is not aimed at serving any business/commercial benefit.
  • A few organizations have been mentioned in the landscape more than once; this has been done taking into account the nature of their business and their key revenue drivers.
  • The logos that appear in the landscape have been sourced from the publically available database and used without any alterations.

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