The Basics of In-App Advertising

The majority of digital ad spending is now on mobile – in fact, mobile is set to account for over 72% of all digital ad spending. While a lot of that spending may be pointed towards browser ads, a significant portion is going on in-app ads. This article will whiz through the basic process of in-app advertising, and highlight some key points to consider.

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Why Should Publishers Use An SSP?

What is an SSP

Programmatic advertising undoubtedly helps businesses maximise profits and minimize costs. SSPs (Supply-side Platforms) are an integral part of programmatic. Essentially, SSPs allow publishers to sell their ad space for the highest price automatically. They’re the seller side equivalent of DSPs (Demand-side Platforms), which allows ad space buyers to find ad space. Together with ad networks, these three constitute the “architecture” of programmatic advertising. They allow for an automated bidding process for ad space as soon as a user opens a webpage or app.

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