Top Tips for Influencers on How to Boost Income From Affiliate Marketing

You’re ready to put in the hours to build a website, set up an blog and social media accounts, develop a personal brand and garner a devoted following. Now, you want to know the best way to monetise all that effort. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make all the content you create work for you. Let this handy guide take you through some top tips to help promote your content and boost your affiliate marketing income.

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DSP and Ad Networks: What Are the Differences and Which Should You Be Using?

If you’re trying to get your head around the differences between Demand Side Platforms (DSP) and Ad Networks to decide which you should be using, the best distinction to start with is that DSPs are a layer of technology that allows advertisers or agencies to buy ad space programmatically, while Ad Networks collect and sort inventory from publishers into packages based on segment which advertisers purchase individually.

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7 Fundamentals of Mobile Programmatic Advertising

If programmatic advertising is the automation of buying traditional display ad inventory, then mobile programmatic advertising is the same, but for mobile devices via mobile advertising platforms. With mobile accounting for just under 70% of programmatic advertising spending in 2016 and forecast to be 80% in 2019, you can’t afford not to have mobile programmatic advertising as part of your marketing arsenal.

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Why You Need to Use a Demand Side Platform


Demand-Side Platform (DSP) is a software that automates performing digital ad impressions on mobile web, desktop, and in-app. This software enables advertisers to purchase ad spaces on online platforms of publishers and to fill these ad spaces with ads of their own brands in display, video, native, pop, push kind of advertising formats.

Accordingly, publishers offer their ad spaces through ad exchanges with demand-side platforms integrated to advertisers and advertisers purchase ad spaces by deciding which one is the most appropriate for ad impressions. All these processes are carried out automatically and in real-time. So, for what are the reasons advertisers work with a demand-side platform?

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What Are The Key Features of a Supply Side Platform?


Supply Side Platform, abbreviated as SSP, creates systems that help online publishers to make more practical and efficient use of ad placement on websites method. SSPs that make it easier for publishers to optimize their inventory and advertising fees pave the way for campaigns to be more successful according to important statistics, such as traffic and time spent on the media.

Supply Side Platforms that make processes automatic and effective for both advertisers and publishers are able to carry out this with their improvable features. So, which prominent features of SSPs provide important advantages for publishers?

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The Benefits of Programmatic Advertising


Programmatic advertising is defined as an advertising technology in which online user data is used and media purchase processes are automatically completed, focusing on the data. While predictions, face-to-face meetings, and possibilities come into question in the conventional purchase method, transparent purchase processes, and practicability come to the forefront under the light of algorithms in programmatic advertising.

Investments on the programmatic advertising which is becoming more popular every passing year are thought to reach 39 billion dollars in 2018 in the United States. In addition, it is foreseen that B2B companies which are slow on the uptake of the programmatic technology compared to B2C companies will speed up the adaptation process in 2019. So, what qualities of the programmatic advertising which is one of the most emphasized subjects in the world, particularly for the last several years make it different than conventional methods?

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