Which Kind of Mobile Ad Formats Are Most Popular Lately?


As the mobile technology ecosystem keeps on developing, digital advertising methods that enable companies to reach their target audience also keep on becoming diversified. However, as time goes by, mobile advertising trends also vary in line with the behavioral traits of mobile users.

For instance, mobile advertising formats utilized for app advertising in order to enhance app downloads can vary depending on the trends. Five years ago, different types of banners were commonly preferred for enhancing download rates. But nowadays different and more creative advertising formats where cost per install (CPI) pricing model can be applied are in high demand.

So as of late, what are the most commonly utilized advertising models that facilitate companies in reaching their target audience?

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The Guide For Creating Successful Mobile Ad Campaigns


The usage of mobile devices today has reached a point where brands should not ignore. Moreover, each individual owns several different mobile devices. This undoubtedly indicates that the mobile channel’s share in advertising investments will grow steadily. But increasing the budget allocated for mobile ads alone does not guarantee that the advertising goals will be reached. In addition to this, it is necessary to develop effective mobile advertising campaigns based on well-established strategies.

There are, of course, many other variables to consider when it comes to creating mobile ads that can increase conversion rates and help advertisers achieve their objectives. But it’s also possible to talk about some of the common features that successful mobile advertising campaigns have.

Here are 3 basic steps that need to be taken in order to create mobile advertising campaigns that will help advertisers achieve their goals:

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Tips for Successfully Achieving an Efficient Mobile Ad Campaign


Mobile’s share is increasing both in users’ lives and advertisers’ marketing activities day by day. However, the number of companies that don’t address investing on mobile ads as being critical is unfortunately and still, not so few. Yet, ignoring the mobile means missing out on major opportunities, especially with regards to the marketing field. On the other hand, without a doubt, investments of advertisers who use mobile channels in order to differentiate themselves and create a competitive edge keep increasing.

According to data shared by MarketingLand, mobile advertising will be accounting for 72 percent of all digital advertising investments in the US by the year 2019. This indicates that the advertisers would recognize mobile’s importance on advertising activities even more. Still, of course, tips to consider for enhancing mobile channel’s efficiency should not be overlooked. Here are some major tactics among online marketing strategies that would make you attain higher efficiencies for mobile…

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