How to Generate More Sales With Video Ads


Video contents that become increasingly popular thanks to video sharing networks have also become an efficient promotion tool for companies. Parallel to the increasing interest of online users to video contents, investments in video ads accordingly are in full throttle. Still, it wouldn’t be right to defend that all video ad campaigns prove sufficient for attaining the anticipated success.

The fact that advertising companies are sometimes not able to determine the correct strategy undoubtedly plays a major role in these cases of failure. Video ads intended to assist in boosting sales might fail to meet expectations sometimes with regard to their content, sometimes with regard to their method and at other times due to technical incompetence. That being said, what are the main points advertisers should pay attention to in order to achieve their sales objectives?

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Why Does Nobody Click on Your Banners?


Banner ads come as an advertising method that the companies frequently call upon for enhancing their visibility in digital world as well as for promoting their products/services. Nevertheless, the expected outcome sometimes might not be yielded from banner ads due to strategy mistakes. It would herein be of great use to list the reasons why the online users are not interested in banners, and to make improvements accordingly.

All the companies undoubtedly aim for attaining their marketing goals by making use of successful online ads. It is on the other hand inevitable that the advertising activities unfortunately would face failure as long as focus would not be set on expectations and needs of target audience. So what do the online users expect from banner advertisements, and what are the reasons for not clicking on banners?

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3 Basic and Major Points That You Should Pay Attention Regarding the GDPR

RS-270618-GDPR-690Studies on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is recently one of the most mused subjects, were actually going on for an extensive period of time. Approved on April 14th, 2016 and came into force on May 25th, 2018, this regulation aims to ensure data traffic and personal information safety throughout Europe. Although considerable time has passed since the regulation came into effect, many organizations and web platforms still have not finalized their preparations regarding the subject matter.

Moreover, this legislation regulated by the European Council and the European Commission does not only concern the European based websites. Regardless of the country they are based in, all websites providing data collection services for European countries and realizing cross-border sharing of data are also expected to comply with the arrangements that came into place with the GDPR. Here are the main steps that the websites should take in order to ensure the safety of personal data belonging to European users with respect to GDPR…

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Informations About SSP For Publishers and Advertisers

RS-270618-SSP-690The term Supply Side Platform, abbreviated as SSP, refers to a tool that helps publishers get the best offer from advertisers for their inventory. SSPs, which have a similar structure to the DSP (Demand Side Platform), contribute to better advertisement management for publishers only, unlike DSPs. In this respect, publishers determine the cost of the advertisement space through minimum units, and the advertiser who gives the maximum price for the advertisement space can gain access to the publisher’s website’s inventory.

The number of publishers using SSP technology, which makes the advertising management very practical, keeps growing. In addition to that, while programmatic advertising remains popular, it is possible to predict that SSP will be used by more publishers in future periods. So SSPs are considered to be the technology of the future, but how do they work?

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Changes That Publishers Must Know in Affiliate Marketing World


Affiliate marketing world experiences great improvements every year. There have been prominent improvements in affiliate marketing, especially in the last decade. Furthermore, significant increases are also observed regarding incomes generated through affiliate marketing. Moreover, it can be concluded that companies which have started to benefit from affiliate marketing have become diversified. Accordingly, it is known that many advertisers, from start-ups to large companies, include affiliate programs in their marketing plans.

Additionally, as affiliate marketing becomes widespread, the number of affiliate publishers continues to grow in line with the online user population. Promotion models are becoming varied, user profiles are transforming, methods are being developed around technological innovations and as a result the digital marketing ecosystem is actually experiencing its own golden age. So, what kind of changes have occured in the affiliate marketing world from past to today?

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5 Publisher Types of Affiliate Marketing

RS-270618-affiliate-690Affiliate marketing appears to be one of the most profitable marketing methods. This triggers the growth of the affiliate ecosystem each passing day. On the other hand, the situation may seem a little complicated for those who want to step into the affiliate publishing, but do not know where to start. At this point, it may be a little easier to get started by deciding which publishing model is right for you.

Once the affiliate publishing model is determined, affiliate studies can begin by developing favorable strategies. Therefore, it will be clear what steps will be taken to increase profits through an affiliate. But, what are these publishing models and what do they focus on? Here are 5 basic types of publishing that are useful to those who want to start affiliate marketing…

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