3 Major Points That Distinguish Programmatic Advertising From Conventional Methods


Programmatic advertising technology presents itself as one of the most frequently cited concepts in digital advertising ecosystem over the last few years. Despite the ever widespread utilization of programmatic advertising that is thought to make ad buying processes become revolutionarily practical, there are still many points of concern over the concept. In order to clarify these points, it is possible to gain basic insight on the concept by comparing traditional ad buying methods with programmatic advertising.

The main difference of programmatic advertising compared to conventional methods could be stated as automatic -thus rapid- maintenance of media buying processes by real-time analyses realized with the help of technology. Messages advertisers intend to deliver their target audience through ads can thus be delivered at the most appropriate time, in line with matches between online platforms and real-time data. So, what makes programmatic advertising stand out among all the other media buying methods that have been practiced for many years?

1) Cost

All media buying processes that are not conducted through programmatic technology, are managed by media buying experts that are qualified in this field. Such processes require media buying experts to purchase ads through publishers, to publish these ads, and to monitor impressions. Since conventional processes operate on manpower, related costs might be higher than those of programmatic method.

In contrast, a mechanism termed as RTB (Real Time Bidding) kicks in programmatic media buying, that allows advertisers to choose to purchase inventories whenever they are within the advertisers’ own cost preference range. All of these processes are automatically maintained through advanced algorithms, and in fact they all are realized within a few milliseconds. This results in accelerated speed regarding purchasing operations, which in turn promotes a decrease in costs.

2) Measuring

It might be argued that measuring of distributed data might not be an easy process at all. Conventional media buying methods constitute of real people playing role in this process, and these people have to attain meaningful data from data obtained from various resources. On one hand, some points might occasionally be overlooked in this case; on the other hand attaining meaningful data might require both time and other resources.

On the contrary, all data acquired automatically with respect to the advertising campaign can be accessed through a single panel in programmatic technology. Then again, data can be displayed with respect to filters of choice. That being said, it is only fair enough to conclude that programmatic advertising made computational processes become highly practical with the help of technology.

3) Efficiency

As is evident from all other points, phases in conventional methods proceed much slower than those in programmatic advertising. Moreover, error margins might be in question since humans play a role in the processes. Cases with depressed campaign efficiency might be encountered since singularization and interpretation of data also might take time. In addition to all these, it might be speculated that advertisers might not be able to gather sufficient insight on the governance of expenses, since the processes do not occur in a transparent manner.

With automatization being the prevailing concept in programmatic advertising, each of the processes occurs at advanced speeds. As manpower in use is minimum, cutting down on costs also become possible. Ultimate transparency of buying processes in programmatic advertising allows advertisers observe how advertising brands spend their money.

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