Turkish Digital Advertising Ecosystem Landscape

A few weeks ago we announced that we were preparing a landscape about Turkish Digital Advertising Ecosystem. (See this post) The blog post includes a form to collect input from our partners, followers, readers and anyone who wants to contribute to this landscape. The opinions and feedbacks of the marketing professionals who fillled the form were very satisfactory for our project.

After publishing this blog post, we also reached out to the different executives in digital advertising industry to get their opinions about our landscape project.

In the next step we discussed the draft version with the industry experts and their feedbacks were very helpful to complete the missing points.

In a very short time like 2 weeks we collected a lot of feedbacks and reached to the final version.

Here is the final version of the Turkish Digital Advertising Ecosystem Landscape;



We believe that the landscape will be very helpful to understand the ecosystem of the Turkish digital advertising industry and we hope that marketing professionals can benefit from this educational resource. Furthermore, the project is crucial for the global players who are planning to operate in Turkish advertising industry.

Here are the other details about the project;

  • The landscape is an indicative overview of the digital advertising in Turkey focusing mainly on programmatic advertising. Therefore agencies with limited focus on programmatic such as search, creative and social agencies are not included.
  • The landscape is aimed to be an educational tool. It is not aimed at serving any business/commercial benefit.
  • A few organizations have been mentioned in the landscape more than once; this has been done taking into account the nature of their business and their key revenue drivers.

The logos that appear in the lanscape have been sourced from publically avaliable database and used without any alterations.

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